Reviews of Grigory’s Gadget

3d-render-book-transparent-background“Hennessy manages to maintain her story’s own mythology, creating a very believable world that has an interesting history and an exciting future.”
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“No slow starts here: The book was extremely fast-paced and full of action from start to finish with despicable pirates and a ton of surprising characters.”
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Grigory’s Gadget had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning, and I never knew what would happen next.”
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“This is a wonderful, action packed tale for younger readers which we are sure fans of The Jupiter Chronicles or the Everland series are bound to enjoy. It features an excellent mix of strong, intelligent, thoughtful, crafty, sword wielding, academic female and male characters and some of the little street urchins we shared it with are very keen to get their grubby hands on the sequel.”
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