A series of steampunk adventure novels, the first of which is Grigory’s Gadget. Book 2 is in the planning stages, with a working title “Serafima’s Stone”.

See below for a description of the books in the series, and for a high-resolution image of the world map.

Grigory’s Gadget – Book 1

“Grigory’s Gadget had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning, and I never knew what would happen next.” – The Blonde Bookworm
“No slow starts here: The book was extremely fast-paced and full of action from start to finish with despicable pirates and a ton of surprising characters.” – N3rdbomber
“Hennessy manages to maintain her story’s own mythology, creating a very believable world that has an interesting history and an exciting future.” – Page One Books

Lodninsk, Morozhia is a frozen, industrial wasteland. Isolated by steep mountains and ruled by an authoritarian government, it isn’t anyone’s idea of home-sweet-home.

Zoya and her friends Demyan, Lilia, Anya, and Nikolai decide to leave their freezing home to start a new life. They set their sights on the tropical paradise of Mirgorod, Vernulaia, where they can study at its prestigious university while taking in the sun and sand…but nothing ever goes so smoothly.

When pirates attack their passenger ship, the friends are shanghaied and forced to be part of their crew. What’s more, the pirates have a particular interest in Zoya’s family heirloom: a small gadget of compacted wires and gears. Unsure what power the gadget holds, Zoya knows she must protect it with her life.

Trapped with pirates, caught in the struggle for the mysterious gadget, will Zoya and her friends be able to make it safely to their new home?

Grigory’s Gadget is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and through E. A. Hennessy’s shop. You can also find out more on Goodreads!

Serafima’s Stone – Book 2

WIP – When the Princess Rozaliya disappears, the Kingdom of Starzapad declares war on the nation of Morozhia.

Map of the Gaslight Frontier


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